My name is Abijah, an over-exaggerated but passionate human. I am a dedicated team lead and player with proven experience. I crave to make a difference on how people view things both in and out of an organizational setting. As a hobby, I am a Fashion Blogger, Writer, Photographer, Makeup artist and Event Planner. In other parts of the internet, I go by  bija, Iambija, talk2abijah or Abijah.

I am currently a third year student studying Digital Enterprise Management at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. While torturing myself by commuting to two schools and then commuting back home I surf the internet or tell stories to my friends on the bus.

My main interests revolve around fashion, travel, design, and  the web. However, I don’t mind learning new languages, and learning to design a website. But in more seriousness, there is more to me than I know of. If you are ever in need of my most assistance or want to work with me on some very cool projects, I can be found at the University of Toronto Mississauga library looking for yet another discounts on travel packages.

This Website is about some of my works over the years, I hope you enjoy it.

Yours Exaggerator,


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