Calgary, AB


I’ll 100% be the first to admit that you can catch me in a pair of “winter blacks” all year round. Blacks are my version of an all black wardrobe, so when people are clad in neutral colors for the colder season, you’ll unapologetically see me in fits like this one.
What are your thoughts on black tones? Do these colours already exist in your wardrobe or are they on the back burner for you?

Canmore, Alberta

Jewel Pass Diary

Jewel pass is an intermediate hike of 3+ hours, but obviously as beginners it took us some 4+ hours. It can be quite steep at some turns and twists but it is all worth it. My mom and I had so many stops, played some music whilst on the trek to hopefully alarm the bears we were in their territory. Although exhausting, i would say this was one of my favourite hikes.
If you’re a hiker or a beginner hiker, what advice would you give starters like myself?

Toronto, Canada