Calgary, Alberta

Leather Baby

The weather has taken a turn for some cold chilly air but what else is new? The sun rise at 7ish am and sets at 4:50ish pm. One trend i am jumping on this season is the leather fit.
Which fashion trend are you hopping on this winter? Do you already have leather outfits in your wardrobe or are they on the back burner for you?

Calgary, Alberta

Padded Jacket

If you’re like me, then you like to escape the cold by bundling up all winter long. Except looking cute while bundled up isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I have too many jackets – said no one ever! My front closet may already be overflowing, but I can always use more. Mainly for variety, but also because it’s fun being able to switch it up.
Which jackets are you currently missing in your closet?

Fall with Zara

Design is in everything, and when it comes to clothes, the construction and the garment is everything. I’m all about those pieces that are made to last, staples you can rely on for many seasons. Which type of style do you opt for during fall? Do you already have this style in your wardrobe?

Calgary, Alberta

Monochrome Pairings

With the colder weather back in season, my style has reverted to its familiar state of moody tones, monochrome pairings and an occasional appearance of pop of colours. I’ll always swear by a good white t-shirt or button down shirt.
I know there are a number of people who love them some monochromes! What has/hasn’t worked for you in finding a perfect fit?

Calgary, AB


I’ll 100% be the first to admit that you can catch me in a pair of “winter blacks” all year round. Blacks are my version of an all black wardrobe, so when people are clad in neutral colors for the colder season, you’ll unapologetically see me in fits like this one.
What are your thoughts on black tones? Do these colours already exist in your wardrobe or are they on the back burner for you?

Toronto, Canada