Jewel Pass Diary

Jewel Pass Diary

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you’ll know that I temporarily moved back to Alberta to be with my family during this atrocious times. Now you may be thinking to yourself “but Abi, we never see you hiking, what changed” And you’re right, I never took to hiking especially in Toronto, where each day was all about hustling and bustling down the city and the weekends were to turn up with the girls.

But with the current restrictions, calls for forced changes. If anything covid-19 has taught me this year, it is to appreciate the environment you’re in and fully maximize it, because oops… you’re going nowhere just yet.

Ever since my family moved to Alberta, i’ve never visited them long enough to check out what the province has to offer. So now, with unlimited time in our hands thanks to covid-19, restricted travel and my inability to stay put for a minute, i decided to look into outdoor activities that i can develop habits for and even encourage the girls to hang of course being socially-distanced.

The Journey:

Jewel pass is an intermediate hike of 3+ hours, but obviously as beginners it took us some 4+ hours. It can be quite steep at some turns and twists but it is all worth it. My mom and I had so many stops, played some music whilst on the trek to hopefully alarm the bears we were in their territory. Although exhausting, i would say this was one of my favourite hikes.

Have you seen the view tho?

Travelers’ tip: if you end up coming here, make sure you dress appropriately for a hike. Go early and come back early. There are actually bears on this hike, luckily we never saw any but we went when it was peak time and there were other hikers on the trail. Pack light, make sure you have enough water and enjoy the trek!

The End!

If you’re a hiker or a beginner hiker, what advice would you give starters like myself?

Till next time!



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