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The weather has taken a turn for some cold chilly air but what else is new? The sun rise at 7ish am and sets at 4:50ish pm. With the gutsy cold temperature here in Alberta and white flakes covering the entire province, signs and cheering for the holidays is now in the air. Neighbours are hanging their holiday lights and stores are selling items on sale to encourage purchase from you; for your family, friends and don’t forget yourself!

If you’re a winter jockey like myself, now is the time to bring out your skates, skis, snowboards, hockey stick! you name it! so you can now engage in winter activities. Also, for the fashion enthusiast, now is the time to switch your open toed shoes for booties, your shortsleeved shirts for sweaters and having a jacket for every occasion. But that is the beauty of winter, isn’t it? Winter fashion is so challenging yet fun and i love it!

One trend i am jumping on this season is the leather fit. While i appreciate a good layering, it often causes me nausea and a flimsy headache. Something about the act of layering when I am about to leave the house and the un-layering act i indulge in once i reach my event or activity so as to become comfortable doesn’t sit well with my body. Hence wearing leather clothes reduces my chances of over layering.

Leather clothing lets you stay quite cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Leather clothing do not absorb body odor the way fabrics, and particularly some synthetic fabrics, do. Thus your leather clothes are easy to keep clean. A huge exception is a leather garment lined in a synthetic fabric: do not buy! As winter is full of allergies and reactives, leather clothes have a wonderful texture and feel great on your skin, because they are made of skin. The garments look great even with a little wear and they hold up very well.

While shopping for some jackets, I saw this Zara shirt and pant and i must say i didn’t think twice before i copped it. And yet, they are my best winter fit this season. Who can really help themselves though when a shirt and pant looks this bomb?

Which fashion trend are you hopping on this winter? Do you already have leather outfits in your wardrobe or are they on the back burner for you? Let me know in the comment section below!

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