Last month I filled out an online form and selected these two beauty products from this personalized skincare brand, Merit. I looked into their brand and then asked myself a bunch of questions about my skin, my lifestyle, etc. and wondered how all of these actually related to my everyday lifestyle. As a Torontonian who is constantly on-the-go and always connected to my phone, it turns out my face makeup routine needs to be minimal while appearing natural. 

After filling out this form, I received a cute mini pouch with products that i specifically chose for me based on the products i selected. I got my Clean lash lengthening mascara and began using it right away. First of all, I love how compact the sizing is, making it the perfect routine to travel with. For my complexion needs, I received the minimalist complexion stick; If you want a natural skin with a bit of coverage but still i just got out of the bed look šŸ„ŗ this my friend is for you.

After using these products consistently for the past few weeks, I’m definitely loving this easy go-to regimen especially when I’m traveling or when I’m busy in the city! If you’re interested in seeing how minimal your face makeup routine can be, click the link below.

In Collaboration with Merit


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