Monochrome Pairings

Monochrome Pairings

A tale of moody tones

With the colder weather back in season, my style has reverted to its familiar state of moody tones, monochrome pairings and an occasional appearance of pop of colours.

Every season, I like to curate my wardrobe around different colour palettes, and while blacks will always be my go-to, I’m beginning to switch up the style of the pieces that serve as a blank canvas.

I’ll always swear by a good white t-shirt or button down, and that is why this Zara oversized shirt is the perfect twist to an everyday staple. As likely as it is that leggings in all different types and shades will be in rotation as the temperature drops lower, there’s something extremely sexy about pairing this with nine west slippers.

What do you think?

I know there are a number of people who love them some monochromes! What has/hasn’t worked for you in finding a perfect fit?

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