I’ll 100% be the first to admit that you can catch me in a pair of “winter blacks” all year round. Blacks are my version of an all black wardrobe, so when people are clad in neutral colors for the colder season, you’ll unapologetically see me in fits like this one. 

That being said, there’s a different air that comes with the winter breeze and cold air in Calgary that brings about a new layer of love for the perfect pairing of winter blacks. Recently, the obsession with the silk/satin trend amongst some of our favourite retailers like Topshop & Zara is one that I can 100% get behind! I’ve never been the biggest fan of trends, and frankly speaking, I’m not crazy either about how the stores are packed with pumpkin looking and sometimes unrealistic colours in the winter seasons. Some of us are good with pieces that don’t have to be tossed out once the next season comes rolling in.

That is why I’m secretly hoping that by the end of Winter 2020, I’d have convinced my readers to invest in an insane amount of neutrals without regret!

The weather in Calgary at the moment is at a whooping low of -1 degrees and while pairing this outfit, I had a plethora of ideas on the occasions I could wear it to: one of the 5 essential things you need your wardrobe to do for you – I thought house party, a cocktail party, brunch with the girls, fancy dinner with the lover, etc etc..

For this outfit, I’ve paired a off the shoulder jumpsuit with a faux suede coat from Zara and shoes from Aldo purse from Zara. I’ve kept the jewellery minimal with my favourite Kate-spade necklace and Pandora bracelets

Couple of reasons why winter blacks are essential to your wardrobe, not just for the winter but all year round are:

  1. Pairing Possibilities: The goal for every hardworking person spending coins on clothes in the year of covid 2020 should be maximizing the pieces in their wardrobe. With the fast changing pace of the fashion industry, investing in pieces that can be worn year after year, season after season is KEY. Blacks can be worn in the Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall seasons. Talk about premium mileage on your $$.
  2. Color Coordination / Tonal Dressing: There’s no such thing as clashing shades when it comes to black pairings. Mixing similar shades from same color family for a monochromatic look gives an overall elongating look, and creates clean lines from head to toe for that effortless chic look, whether in the winter or otherwise.  The goal is to always look like you tried even when you put in the least amount of thought and effort behind the outfit.

What are your thoughts on black tones? Do these colours  already exist in your wardrobe or are they on the back burner for you? Let me know in the comment section below!

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